Human-related CO2 emissions are not an important cause for the climate change

Firstly, the human-related CO2 emissions are just a tiny fraction of natural emissions, which are more than 95% of all the CO2 emissions.

Secondly, the climate has always been changing and for example the temperature changes in a long term have been so much more both up and down than the currently registered change of ca. 1 degree, which is too low to be drawn any conclusions, because it is under the noise level. See the temperature observations based on the annual rings of old trees:

Third, you cannot do anything for even a single volcano and there are a few hundreds of them. In addition, there are several other factors of climate change, which are (luckily!) completely out of our reach like, for example, the Sun, the Earth’s orbital changes, the oceans, the enormous production and effects of algae, methane releasing substances, chemical reactions and bacteria in soils and the biosphere etc.

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